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To be in Good Company requires a practice to help sustain an attitude of
being a good companion to self and others.
The practice of Fellowship.
We all strive to work for good companies. But what is our responsibility in creating this place or space of trust?

We are your Thinking & Practice partners in establishing a contemplative space of fellowship, as the necessary condition required to nurture ethical and responsible behaviour.

We Serve In:

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raising ethical awareness,
Finyezi Firefly


nurturing ethical participation,
Finyezi Firefly


integrating awareness through an Integrity Learning Journey.
1. Character Day
A one-day ethics workshop to provide insight and raise awareness of the value of ethical participation, character & integrity at work.

The aim of Character Day is to promote ethics and pro-social behaviour that resonates with the intrinsic motivation to find meaning, value and purpose at work – in an engaging experiential manner.

If you are serious about creating an ethical culture in an organisation, you need to make time for social and spontaneous interaction to occur.

We co-design the experience with companies and teams, to develop an engagement consisting of storytelling, improv games and learning encounters. The experience seeks to highlight our socio – emotional needs and how best to respond to them at work.

Character Day can also be offered as an intervention to respond to the findings of the Organisational Character Report. Such an intervention addresses the character strengths and ethical concerns in collaboration.

We all can appreciate that an ethical culture not only guards against deviant behaviour, but also establishes attitudes and behavioural patterns that support fairness, fellowship, quality of service, resilience and job satisfaction.

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2. Integrity Dialogues

Integrity Dialogues is our core practice where we help establish a space of trust and fellowship. We facilitate conversations on ethics, integrity, values and the way you seek to do business.

We bring our expertise and knowledge to the table, while still being able to listen and respond to your unique context and particular situation.

Instead of merely ‘preaching’ ethics, dialogues offer a tangible way to actively engage one-another on how to practice our values.

We believe each person, by virtue of their ability to navigate their social environments, are gaining ethical expertise. How we bring attention to this expertise is worth our consideration in participatory thought.

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3. Integrity Learning Journey (online)

Integrity is one of the most frequently discussed values in organisations. Most claim to have it, yet there is often confusion about what it means, how to embed a culture of integrity and how to resolve conflicting issues between personal values and organisational interests. This is the perfect way to learn by doing, in a space where it is safe to fail.

The online course includes 6 hours of content and 2 live online sessions with fellow practitioners.

  • Come to appreciate integrity as a fluid construct, moving from Personal to Professional Organisational Integrity, so that we may build sustainable and trustworthy business relations.
  • Benefit from our expertise and research findings (18 years of Risk & Integrity Assessments).
  • Unpack the strategies you can implement to reduce the risk of unethical behaviour and economic crime.
  • Learn how to cultivate ethical culture via the use of assessment tools and virtue practices.

This journey is ideal for those interested in leadership, economic risk management, reputation management, sustainability, compliance, business ethics, human capital relations, coaching and cultural wellbeing of the organisation.

Next Journey Starts: June 2020

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Our current Perspectives & Good Practices

Finyezi Firefly

Celebrate Culture

- with life and creativity in all its diversity -
Finyezi Firefly

Cultivate Character

- by practicing agreed-upon virtues to create community. (Our virtues ground us in Gratitude, Courage, Service & Fellowship) -
Finyezi Firefly


- is the dialogue of integration, between being a whole, worthy person - while also forming part of a bigger whole or responsible society -
Finyezi Firefly

Grow in Wisdom

- to engage in dialogue, stay humble and receptive to others - so we can find paths and practices to flourish -