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Personal Integrity Assessment
Organisational Character Assessment

Assessment Tools to map the socio-ethical landscape

1. Personal Integrity Assessment
Used to map Strengths, Behavioural Risk, and Leadership Derailment Indicators, for individual selection or development processes.

Giotto Integrity Assessment, designed by Prof. John Rust (Cambridge University), is a Psychometric tool approved in the UK by British Psychological Society & Health Professions Council of South Africa, to meet standards of validity and reliability.

Giotto focuses on work style preferences that are critical to an ethical work environment.

Measuring strengths of:

  • fairmindedness,
  • generosity,
  • disclosure,
  • loyalty,
  • work ethic,
  • proficiency,
  • and enterprising mindset.

It also maps areas of concern, to guard against counterproductive behaviours, such as:

  • resentment,
  • manipulation,
  • greed,
  • and aggression.

Giotto has proven predictive in mapping concerns of fraudulent and unethical conduct.

We provide online training every month for Psychologists and Psychometrists who seek to use the instrument in their organisations. – Become an Accredited User

We offer a full bureau of services for those who want to make use of our Administration and Psychological services, to assist your hiring, administration, feedback or consulting needs.

For more information on the assessment – GiottoSA Mindworks

2. Organisational Character Assessment

We combine the Giotto Assessment and Cultural Survey with a qualitative sensemaking process, where we facilitate interviews and forums to harvest the rich narratives that influence ethical norms.

The purpose is gaining a Value Orientation by:

  • a sensemaking process to map which values/narratives an organisation finds significant or problematic,
  • an ethical assessment from a character/virtue ethic perspective,
  • an overview of areas of ethical concern which should be addressed. (These can be indicative of potential unethical and economically related criminal behaviour),
  • an insight into organisational cultural wellbeing, including levels of job satisfaction and character strengths, and lastly
  • an aid to change management processes, where a better understanding of challenges related to resilience, energy and other values may be gained.

Move from analysis to intervention with our designed ethical awareness campaign – Character Day

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