Finyezi Firefly
Our Story
(the Zulu word for ‘firefly’)
It signifies illuminating a path forward
Bringing us the warmth of a fire, where we can gather in conversation

We stand on the shoulders of the many loyal clients, family, friends and mentors that have walked with us during GiottoSA Mindworks’ 18 year long journey, as a leader in Psychometric Integrity Assessments. This legacy serves as invaluable experience to better understand integrity in the workplace and its complexity.

While we will continue to supply Psychometric Assessments, we are expanding our service offering to incorporate leadership & cultural development tools, in order to approach ethical organisational conduct more holistically.

We place greater emphasis on ethical participation and using psychometrics as a conversation starter, rather than tools that judge the character and worth of others.

These changes reflect our transformed mindset and thus a new brand emerged.

Our current Perspectives & Good Practices

Finyezi Firefly

Celebrate Culture

- with life and creativity in all its diversity -
Finyezi Firefly

Cultivate Character

- by practicing agreed-upon virtues to create community. (Our virtues ground us in Gratitude, Courage, Service & Fellowship) -
Finyezi Firefly


- is the dialogue of integration, between being a whole, worthy person - while also forming part of a bigger whole or responsible society -
Finyezi Firefly

Grow in Wisdom

- to engage in dialogue, stay humble and receptive to others - so we can find paths and practices to flourish -