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The Firefly Network serves as an independent platform for all ethically minded practitioners.

Join us for networking and peer-learning opportunities, so we may collaborate in illuminating the paths to the socio-ethical wellbeing of our organisations.

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Finyezi Firefly

Our current Perspectives & Good Practices

Finyezi Firefly

Celebrate Culture

- with life and creativity in all its diversity -
Finyezi Firefly

Cultivate Character

- by practicing agreed-upon virtues to create community. (Our virtues ground us in Gratitude, Courage, Service & Fellowship) -
Finyezi Firefly


- is the dialogue of integration, between being a whole, worthy person - while also forming part of a bigger whole or responsible society -
Finyezi Firefly

Grow in Wisdom

- to engage in dialogue, stay humble and receptive to others - so we can find paths and practices to flourish -